Unit5. Our School Life

Topic 1 the school gate 在学校大门口

2.Happy New Year! 新年快乐!

3.The same to you! 也同样祝你!

4.looks very nice 看起来很漂亮

5.come on 快点,加油

6.It's time for class. 该上课了。

7.It's time to have class. 该上课了。

8.know about 了解...的情况 life 学校生活 school 在学校,在上学 out 外出吃饭,下馆子

12.on school days 在校期间

13.have a short rest 休息一会儿

14.after class/school 下课/放学后

15.listen to music 听音乐 books 看书

17.go to school/work 去上学/工作

18.School/Class is over. 放学了。/下课了。 one's free/spare time 在某人的业余时间里

20.go swimming 去游泳

21.ball games 球赛

22.have ball games 举行球赛

23.four times a year 每年四次 once a week 每周一次

24.twice a week 每周两次 three times a week 每周三次

25.for a short time 一会

Topic 2

1. computer room 电脑室/机房

1.teachers'office 教师办公室

2.classroom building 教学楼

3.swimming pool 游泳池 the library 在图书馆 the dining hall 在餐厅

6.on the playground 在操场上 the moment= now 此刻,现在

8.clean the classroom 打扫教室

9.clean the blackboard 擦黑板

10.make cards 制作卡片

11.on time 准时 time 及时

13.on the shelf 在书架上

14.return = give back 归还

16 lost and found 失物招领 sb around 带领某人参观 the center of= in the middle of 在...的中间,在...的中央

17.on the left/ right 在左边/右边 to 在...隔壁,在...旁边,紧挨着 the back of 在...后部,在...后面

20.Attention, please ! 请注意!

Topic 3

1.have a music class 上一节音乐课

2.every week 每周

3.drawing pictures 画画 on math problems 做数学题

5.speak English 说英语

6.learn about the past 了解过去 friendly to sb = be kind to sb 对某人友好 newspaper 校报

9.thanks sb for doing sth 感谢某人做了某事

10.each other 彼此,互相

Unit6. Our Local Area

Topic 1

1.on the second floor 在二楼

2.go upstairs 上楼

3.go downstairs 下楼

4.put it/them away 请把它/它们收起来放好

5.on the chair 在椅子上

6.Don't put it/them here. 别把它/它们放在这儿。 on the computer 在电脑上学习

8.on the left/right of 在…的左面/右面 front of / in the front of 在…的前面

Topic 2 apartment building 一座公寓 the country 在农村

3.for rent 出租

4.wanted 求租

5.excuse me 打扰了,打扰一下,劳驾,请原谅

6.on the street corner 在街道拐角处

7.train station 火车站

8.keep money 存钱

9.a lot of = lots of 许多

10.far from/not far from 离…远/离…不远

11.a community service center 一个社区服务中心

12.There is something wrong with = Something is wrong with 某人/某物出问题/有毛病了

13.The traffic is heavy. 交通拥挤。

14.The cost of living is high. 生活费用高。

15.ahouse with a garden 有花园的房子

16.close to 靠近 office 邮局

Topic 3

1.Excuse me, how can Iget to... ? 打扰了,请问我怎样才能到...?

2.Excuse me, which is the way to...? 打扰了,请问去...走哪条路?

3.Excuse me, could you tell me the way to... 打扰了,你能告诉我怎样到...吗?

4.Excuse me, where is ...? 打扰了,请问...在哪里?

5.How far is it from here? ...离这里有多远?

6.turn left at the first street 在第一条街口向左转

7.go across the bridge 穿过桥

8.go straight 直走

9.go along 沿着…走

10.It's about one hundred meters along on the right. 顺着右边走大约100米

11.on the corner of 在...拐角处

12.across from 在...正对面

13.change to the No.108 bus 换乘108路车

14.go up/down this street to the end 沿着这条街一直走到尽头

15.public phone 公用电话

16.traffic lights 交通灯

17.turn left/right 左转/右转 right turn禁止右转 no left turn 禁止左转 parking 禁止停车 no swimming 禁止游泳

20.get hurt 受伤 traffic accidents 在交通事故中

22.stop and look both ways 停下来左右看看

23.look left 向左看 look right 向右看

24.It's good to do sth 做某事是好的

25.cross the road = go across the road 过马路

26.aticket for speeding 超速行驶罚单

27.Don't drive too fast. 车不要开太快。

28.wait for 等候 careful = look out 小心

30.Don't play on the street. 不要在街上玩。

31.Don't be late for school. 上学不准迟到。

32.It's about...away from here. 离这里大约...远。

Unit7. The Birthday Party

Topic 1 year 明年 week 下一周

3.How do you plan to celebrate it? 你打算怎么庆祝?

4.plan to do sth 打算/准备做某事

5.Want to do sth 想做某事

6.have a birthday party 开个生日聚会

7.Would you like to come? 你想参加吗?

8.I'd love to. 我非常乐意去。 alone 独立工作/练习

10.What day is it today? 今天是星期几?

11.What's the date today? 今天是几号? born 出生

13.amodel plane 一个飞机模型

14.guess again 再猜一下

15.What's the shape of your present?= What shape is your present?你的礼物是什么形状的?

16.It's round. 它是圆的 and white 黑白相间

18.have a look 看一看

19.I'm afraid... 恐怕...

20.look like 看起来像

21.Just now 刚才 wide 多宽 long 多长 often 多久一次(表频率) soon 多久,多块 far “多远”,问距离

27.use...for... 用...做...

28.use it for writing 用它来写字

29.What do we use it for? 我们用它做什么呢?

30.must be 一定是

31.would like to do sth = want to do sth 想要做某事

32.cook a special dinner 做一顿特别的晚餐

33.some candles 一些蜡烛

34.want to celebrate the birthday at home 想在家庆祝生日 some candles for her mother 给她妈妈买些蜡烛 sb sth =buy sth for sb 为某人买某物

37.cook a big dinner 做一顿大餐

38.make a cake 做一个蛋糕

39.When were you born? 你什么时候出生的?

40.Where were you born? 你在什么地方出生的?

41.What's your favorite present? 你最喜欢的礼物是什么?

Topic 2

1.perform ballet 表演芭蕾舞

2.Have a good time 玩得开心 theparty 在生日聚会上

4.No way! 没门!

5.pair work 结对练习

6.You are so smart! 你太聪明了!

7.Ican count. 我能数数。

8.Take these flowers to theparty. 把这些花带到聚会上去。 把...送/带到...

10.speak English very well 英语说得很好

11.take photos 照相

12.make model planes 做飞机模型

13.class activities 课堂活动

14.outdoor activities 户外活动 a kite 放风筝 year ago 一年前 good at doing sth=do well in 擅长...

18.Kangkang is good at playing soccer. 康康擅长踢足球。

19.He hurt his right leg. 他的右腿受伤了。 the age of five 在五岁时

21.Life was hard for her. 生活对她来说变得很艰辛。

22.She is great! 她太棒了!

23.grammar focus 语法重点

24.useful expressions 习惯用语 in groups 分组工作

26.check the answers 检查答案

27.not any more 不再

Topic 3

1.recite a poem 背诗

2.Perform magic tricks 表演魔术

3.Perform kungfu 表演功夫

4.It's your turn. 现在轮到你了

5.miss the chair 没坐到椅子

6.poor Michael 可怜的迈克尔

7.Did you hurt yourself? 你摔伤了吗?

8.hurt oneself 伤着某人自己

9.go and wash them at once 马上去洗一洗

10.This way, please. 请走这边。

11.come back 回来

12.come back home 回家来

13.come back to school 回到学校 video games 玩电子游戏

15.lie to sb = tell a lie to sb 对某人撒谎

16.tell me the truth 跟我说实话

17.each of us 我们每个人

18.sit around 坐在...周围

19.make a silent wish 默默许个心愿

20.blow the candles out = blow out the candles 吹灭蜡烛 one breath 一口气

22.have a big dinner 吃一次大餐

Unit8. The Seasons and the Weather

Topic 1

1.What's the weather like in spring? 春天的天气怎么样?

2.=how is the weather in spring

3.It is warm. 天气很暖和

4.It is a good season for flying kites. 是放风筝的好季节。

5.In spring /summer/fall/winter 在春,夏,秋,冬

6.It's a good time to do sth. 是... 的好时候。

7.It is a good time for sth/for doing sth 是...的好时候。

8.make snowmen 堆雪人

9.It's hard to say. 这很难说

10.last year 去年

11.take a walk = have a walk =go out for a walk 散步

12.What's the temperature? 温度是多少?

13.answer the following questions 回答下列问题

14.summer/winter holidays 暑假/寒假

15.plan to do sth 计划做某事

16.had better do sth 最好做某事

17.had better not do sth 最好不要做某事

18.need to do sth 需要做某事

19.remember to do sth 记得去做某事

20.remember doing sth 记得做过某事

21.wear warm clothes 穿暖和的衣服 most parts of China 在中国大部分地区

23.the sun shines brightly 阳光明媚

24.later on 以后,后来,随后 different from 和...不同 report 天气预报

27.Spring returns in March. 三月春归。

28.get warm/cold/hot 变暖和/冷/热

29.come back to life 苏醒,复苏,复活

30.It rains heavily. 雨下得大。

31.the harvest season 收获的季节 busy doing sth 忙于做某事 从...到...

34.come out 开花,出版,发行

Topic 2 around the country 周游全国

2.hope to do sth 希望做某事

3.get together with 与...在一起

4.has a good plan for the holidays 有一个美好的假期计划

5.on the beach 在海滩上

6.sure = of course = certainly 当然

7.the best time to go there 去那里的最佳时间

8.all the year round 一年到头

9.go on a trip/journey 去旅行

10.go on a picnic 去野餐

11.go on a vacation 去度假

12.the Great Wall 长城

13.The Palace Museum 故宫博物院

14.customs in different countries 不同国家的风俗

15.enter someone's home 进入别人家里

16.take off 脱下,脱掉,起飞

17.put on 穿上

18.point to 指向

19.point at 指着

20.point out 提出,指明

21.touch a child on the head 摸小孩的头

22.make money = earn money 挣钱

23.per/every month 每个月

24.arrive in+大地点 arrive at +小地点 到达…

Topic 3

1.Spring festival 春节

2.Thanks giving day 感恩节

3.Easter 复活节

4.mid-autumn festival 中秋节

5.lantern festival 元宵节

6.mother’s day 母亲节

7.teacher’s day 教师节

8.Halloween 万圣节

9.the National Day of the PRC 国庆节

10.International Labor Day 国际劳动节

11.May Day “五一”劳动节

12.Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

13.perform lion and dragon dances 舞龙舞狮

14.give each other presents 互赠礼物 a lantern show 看灯展

16.guess riddles 猜灯谜